New Puppy or Kitten

For puppies and kittens, we like to do a series of


that are 3-4 weeks apart. This is of course depending on the age of your puppy or kitten. In these series of exams, your pet’s doctor will be able to follow the growth of your furry-friend and ensure that they are developing correctly while also building their immunity to life-threatening diseases through a series of vaccines.

Because puppies and kittens have an immature immune system, they require a series of vaccinations beginning at 6 weeks and continuing until each series is complete. Also important during this time is a series of dewormings and fecal parasite tests to ensure their safety. This is also the time that we begin heartworm prevention, discuss home dental care, and answer all of your questions on how to care for your new pet at home.


Your pet’s first exam with us is when you initially bring them in. Frequently we will see puppies/kittens around 8 weeks old, but as long as your pet is younger than a year old, it will still count as their first exam.

Kitten Vaccines
Puppy Vaccines


Our recheck exam is usually for pets near 12 weeks old and is an important exam to assess the growth of your pet.

Kitten Vaccines
Puppy Vaccines


The next exam takes place when they are 16 weeks old. Your doctor will assess their growth and health, finalize their immunization, and begin discussing the next steps as your pet becomes an adult.

Kitten Vaccines
Puppy Vaccines
Puppies and kittens

Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Depending on the breed and age of your pet, your veterinarian will suggest a plan on when it is most beneficial to fix them. We will commonly discuss this during their final puppy/kitten exam, but if you have any questions or concerns before then, we are more than happy to answer

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