Our top priority for your pet’s surgery is to keep them 


We use state-of-the-art surgical equipment and prioritize educating our clients, so you know the appropriate aftercare for your pet.

Dog and Cat



From simple procedures to the most complex, Sunset’s veterinary surgical services put pets on the road to recovery. Sunset is proud to offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology available in the veterinary medicine industry. Some of the surgical procedures we perform include, but are not limited to:

Feline Declaws
Spays, Neuters & Laparoscopic Spays
Soft-Tissue Repairs & Mass Removal
Wart Removals
Ocular Procedures
Stenotic Nares & Soft-Palate Resections
Laparoscopic Preventative Gastropexy
abdominal exploratory & foreign body removal

Risk Reduction

Although many technological advancements have made anesthesia and surgery very safe for pets, some risks still exist. To decrease these risks, we require all patients to undergo a physical exam prior to surgery and also conduct a pre-anesthetic blood screening before surgery day. This blood panel will help reduce anesthetic risks by ruling out many internal problems, including clotting disorders, liver and kidney abnormalities, and anemia. In addition to the examination and blood screening, we also place an intravenous catheter and administer fluids to help keep your pet hydrated and maintain blood pressure during the procedure.


In addition to constant supervision by surgery technicians, your pet will also be monitored with state-of-the-art equipment, including an ECG to monitor heart activity, a non-invasive blood pressure monitor, and a pulse oximeter, which measures heart rate and oxygen concentration levels. Rest assured, only the safest, most effective, and latest anesthetic and pain control procedures are utilized. Our surgery suite is also equipped with heated surgery tables for increased patient comfort. After surgery, your pet will be constantly monitored to make way for a quick and healthy recovery. Our team will do everything in our power to keep your pet as cozy as possible throughout the recovery process!

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