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Digital Radiology

What is Digital Radiology?

Radiographs (i.e., X-rays) allow our doctors to see tissues, organs and bones beneath your pet’s skin. Digital radiographs are diagnostic tests that may be recommended for numerous reasons. Abdominal radiographs are used to examine pets with symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal wounds and trauma. They are also helpful if a pet is suspected of having swallowed a foreign object. Our doctors may also recommend radiographs if a blood screening reveals a potential problem with an internal organ, such as the liver or kidneys. Chest radiographs are usually recommended for pets having difficulty breathing or those suspected of having heart or lung disease. Radiographs of the bones and joints are used to evaluate lameness or spinal pain.


Benefits of Digital Radiology

Because Sunset Animal Hospital utilizes digital radiography, we are able to produce higher quality diagnostic images in a shorter amount of time than traditional machines. The digital machine eliminates the need to use an X-ray processor to develop the film. Instead, the images are displayed to our technicians on a computer monitor within seconds. If needed, digital radiographs may be sent via the Internet to specialists for further evaluation, or they may also be copied to a CD for clients to view on their personal computers. Digital radiology also dramatically decreases radiation exposure to your pet.