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24 Hour Vet Service

Round-the-Clock Care

Sunset Animal Hospital is the 24 hour animal hospital Houston can depend on—all day, every day!

We Offer Constant, Convenient Care

  • We can care for your pets anytime they need us.
  • We provide round-the-clock emergency and routine care, so a vet is always by your pet’s side in critical situations.
  • Our exam costs and wellness care costs (e.g., vaccines, heartworm tests, etc.) are the same, day or night.
  • No more rushing home by 5:00 pm to get to the vet for routine visits—just book your appointment whenever it is convenient for you, and we’ll be here!

Sunset Animal Hospital is a central Houston animal hospital that understands the bond people have with their pets and hates to see our little furry friends experience any kind of pain, discomfort or illness. We also understand it is not always easy to find the time in your busy schedule to take your pet to the vet. For these reasons, Sunset is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you need prompt, emergency care or just cannot schedule an appointment during the traditional nine-to-five workday schedule, consider us the premier animal hospital Houston can depend on. If your pet requires critical care, regardless of if it’s 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning, or even if you need to schedule an appointment during a time some animal hospitals would deem “after hours,” our veterinary professionals are here for you when you need them. We offer our preventative care and general veterinary services at the same competitive costs regardless of the time of day.

Simply put, Sunset is the cat and dog hospital Houston residents can rely on to care for their pets anytime they need us.

The Emergency Animal Hospital Houston Can Turn to 24/7

The sun never sets here at Sunset Animal Hospital because you never know when an emergency will present itself. It’s almost always when you least expect it, though. We hate to even think about our little friends suffering any kind of affliction or malady, but, at the same time, it is essential to be prepared and have access to emergency vet care. Rest assured if an emergency should arise, Sunset is the emergency vet Houston residents can turn to day or night. Our 24-hour animal hospital services include:

We hope to only see you and your pet for routine check-ups and visits, but just know we are here for you if prompt, emergency vet care is needed.

The Houston Animal Hospital that Gives Peace of Mind

Why is Sunset open 24/7? First and foremost, we love helping animals, ridding them of their ailments, alleviating their aches and pains and helping them achieve optimum health. Second, we believe there should be an animal hospital Houston, TX can turn to for peace of mind. At Sunset, we strive to be the dependable Houston emergency vet that gives central Houston residents peace of mind by letting them know we provide around-the-clock emergency vet care. You can rest assured Sunset is the dog and cat hospital Houston residents can count on to always have a vet at their pets’ beck and call in critical situations should they ever occur.

Request An Appointment
Book an appointment for your pet whenever it’s convenient for you by calling our office at 1-800-700-VETS. You may also contact us here!