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Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricane Safety Tips


Hurricane Harvey is expected to cause dangerous, potentially life-threatening flooding due to heavy rainfall and storm surge. It’s crucial that you and your pets are prepared for this storm.


If You Plan to Evacuate

Take all your pets with you, and make sure that they are safely contained in a pet carrier and wearing current identification. Be prepared with emergency supplies for you and your pet, including food and water.


If You Plan to Shelter in Place

Keep your pets indoors and away from windows. Placing your pets in carriers with comfortable bedding may help alleviate some of their anxiety. Even though your pets will be indoors, make sure they are wearing current identification, as pets can get lost during severe weather.


If You Are Not Home

Have a neighbor or friend who is familiar with your pets pick them up and bring them to a safe place. Make sure they bring your emergency supplies with them. Provide your neighbor or friend with your emergency contact information as well as your veterinarian’s contact information, and agree on a set place to meet once it is safe.


After the Storm has Passed

After the storm, make sure to keep your pets safely confined, as they will likely be frightened. Check for damages to your home, especially on gates and fences, as these damages may allow your pets to escape. For the first few days after the storm, make sure to keep your pets on a leash when you take them outside.


Pet Disaster Kit Checklist from the CDC

The CDC has a thorough pet disaster kit checklist that includes everything you will need during severe weather.

Download Checklist >