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What is Involved with Dental Care?

  1. Pre-anesthetic physical exam, including blood work and organ function tests as well as evaluation of the bite, abnormal tooth wear patterns, growths or gum disease
  2. Oral examination of each tooth under general anesthesia
  3. Calculus removal from the visible parts of the teeth
  4. Sub-gingival (below the gumline) scaling, root planing and curettage where indicated
  5. Tooth polishing
  6. Irrigation
  7. A post-cleaning exam and radiographs
  8. Dental charting to keep a record of abnormalities
  9. Therapy if necessary
  10. Home care instructions
  11. A follow-up appointment and periodic re-checks to see how well you are performing home care

Performing dental work at a level lower than this keeps us from accurately providing effective care, regardless of the cost savings.