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Why Are Dental X-Rays Important?

Dental radiographs, or X-rays, allow us to see the area beneath the gumline where up to 75% of tooth structure lies. By taking full-mouth radiographs, we can more accurately diagnose very common diseases. Studies have shown dental disease is incompletely diagnosed 70% of the time without X-rays. Common findings using dental radiography include: periodontal disease, tooth resorptions, impacted teeth, retained root fragments, dead teeth, broken tooth roots and abscessed teeth.

We generally recommend a set of full-mouth X-rays at six months of age in conjunction with the spay or neuter procedure or with the first dental cleaning. Follow-up X-rays will be recommended based on the type and extent of disease present. Without X-rays, most of our patients would suffer in silence with a painful mouth.

Dentigerous Cyst

Non-Vital Teeth

Tooth Resorption—Cat
Abnormal Tooth Development with Abscess
Periodontal and Endodontal Disease Weakening Jaw

Retained Roots after Supposed Full extractions—Cat

Tooth Resorption—Dog