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Parasite Prevention Wellness Plan

Lifelong Wellness is the Plan

All items in our wellness plans are group priced for up to 20% savings.

What Are the Benefits of Sunset’s Pet Wellness Plans?

Enrolling your pet in Sunset’s Healthy Pet Program and choosing a pet plan for your dog or cat comes with a handful of benefits, including:

on all included parasite-prevention items.
Vet-recommended protection at a convenient monthly cost.
Protection against internal and external parasites.

How Does the Healthy Pet Program Work?

  • This Parasite Prevention Wellness Plan includes specific listed parasite prevention goods and services only. It is not an insurance policy.
  • Any goods or services not listed in this program’s contract will be charged at regular price, and payment will be due at the time services are rendered.
  • Only a 6 months’ supply of goods will be dispensed at the start of the plan. The second 6 months’ supply of goods will be dispensed at the mid-point of the plan year (6 months after plan start date).
  • The plans include all goods or services listed and only those goods or service. THEY DO NOT INCLUDE:
    • Any fees charged for goods or services provided by veterinarians who are not employed by the hospital.
    • Any fees charged for goods or services provided by veterinarians or hospitals to which the pet and client are referred.
    • Any fees charged for goods or services recommended as a result of illness or injury (i.e., non-well treatments).
    • Any fees charged for the treatment of any parasites, regardless of whether the goods and services included in this plan are intended to prevent said parasites.
    • Any fees charged for treatment should the pet experience an intolerance or adverse reaction to any of the goods or services included within the plan.
    • Any fees charged for ancillary services such as boarding, bathing, retail, diet, or pharmacy item.

If you’re interested in securing a pet wellness plan, speak to a Sunset representative today at 1-800-700-VETS, or contact us here. For comprehensive terms and conditions regarding the pet plans in our Healthy Pet Program, refer to our service agreement (provided in office).

Lifelong Wellness is the Plan!