Cat and dog with halloween decorations
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With Halloween right around the corner, trick-or-treating, costume parties and scary movie marathons are on all of our minds. While this spooky holiday is tons of fun for humans, it can be dangerous for our furry friends. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your pets and keep them safe from these common Halloween dangers:


What would Halloween without chocolate? Perhaps you’ve heard that dogs and cats can’t metabolize chocolate and it’s a poisonous threat to them. If your pet shows signs of an increased heart rate, begins vomiting, has diarrhea or seems lethargic, they may have consumed chocolate and need to receive immediate veterinary care.


All of the sugar in Halloween candy can lead to pancreatitis in pets. This condition causes painful inflammation of the pancreas, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.

Just like the sweet treats inside of them, candy wrappers can be incredibly dangerous for pets.Candy bags can create a seal that cut any curious cats off from oxygen. Once they get their head stuck, the pet will panic and the act could cause them to suffocate.

When ingested, foil and plastic candy wrappers lead to severe digestion problems and can inhibit your pet’s bowel movements. If your pet ingests candy wrappers, you’ll need to make a visit to the vet to have them removed.


If you are distributing sweets to your neighborhood’s trick-or-treators, you door is probably going to be opening and closing quite a bit. The doorbell constantly ringing and strangers showing their spooky faces on your porch can put a lot stress on your pet. It doesn’t only create opportunities for your dog or cat to run into the night, but the door itself can be a serious hazard – pinching a tail or a getting a paw caught in the door. Consider keeping your pet separated from the Halloween action and avoid the boo-boos.


Pets see glow sticks and jewelry as chew toys, but if these items are ingested, they can cause stomach issues and mouth irritation. Symptoms to look for include excessive drooling, vomiting and foaming at the mouth.


While raisins are a healthier alternative to candy for us, they pose a serious health risk to dogs and cats. Raisin ingestion can lead to kidney failure, so it’s important to keep raisins out of your pet’s reach. If you suspect your pet has eaten raisins, look for the following symptoms: vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, constipation, increased thirst and blood in urine. If your pet displays these symptoms, he or she will need immediate veterinary care.


Pet costumes aren’t necessarily bad, but you should be cautious if you plan to dress up your fur-baby. Costumes can obstruct your pet’s hearing, vision and range of motion as well as lead to overheating. Keep a close watch on your pet if you intend to dress them in a costume.

Keep your pets safe this Halloween by making sure all non-pet treats are out of reach and stored in appropriate containers. Additionally, keep all Halloween décor out of your pet’s reach.

If your four-legged friend happens to get into something he or she shouldn’t, or if you suspect poisoning, please do not hesitate to contact Sunset Animal Hospital for help at any time. We are open 24/7—every day, weekend, and holiday!

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